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Failed patch: kb2742597, and how to fix it

If you’re like me, sometimes someone sends you a report of computers that have failed to patch up the slew of vulnerabilities Microsoft found during the past month.  And if you are like me, when you try to patch up the computers manually, some of them just don’t work.

This is about such a computer.

I had to take care of an old Dell that decided not to take the update KB2742597 from Microsoft.  If it sounds enigmatic, well, it is.  So I googled it to find the patch.

Hmm, okay, it’s about .NET 1.1 service pack 1.  I didn’t know we still used those.

I tried installing it initially on the SUS console.  It failed.

On Windows Update… failed.  At least it installed the long-needed Office 2007 service pack.

Okay, fine.  I downloaded the patch directly from Microsoft.

Ta-da!  A big fat… nothing.  It pretended to install for a while and the installation window simply disappeared.  How peculiar.

So, what fixed it?  Make the jump to see.


In this case, the problem was simple.

The .NET 1.1 sp1 update was just… not… installing.

I had to find a way to make it work.


After scouring the web, I came across a few posts that came in handy, and led me to the right path.

I came, initially, across the Microsoft message board.  Here, they had this thread.

Note the two different links on the answers.  I saw the second one, and wondered what kind of error message I got on the Microsoft Update.

Turned out–yup, I’ve got the 0x643 error.

That has led me to this webpage, also in Microsoft site.  Problem?  I couldn’t use the Microsoft Fix It link for some reason on that computer.  And to make matters worse, I could not simply uninstall the .NET 1.1 with uninstaller.  I also didn’t want to use .NET Framework Cleanup Tool–it ended badly the last time I tried using it.

So I was back on the prowl again.  Then I remembered the error message I got when I tried to uninstall the .NET 1.1 from the Add and Remove Programs window: Internal Error 2705. Directory.

That led to another webpage I have found, this time on a Microsoft blog.  Apparently, I need to try installing .NET 1.1 SP1.  Hmm, okay–but I think I had it installed already.  I downloaded it and soon enough, it told me “It’s already installed.  Would you like to reinstall it?” via a window when I tried to run the installer.  Feeling that I had nothing left to lose, I went for it.  It finished installing in a couple of minutes.

And I tried to run the patch, again, from the SUS console.  Hey, what do you know–it worked.  It prompted me to restart and it was like nothing bad ever happened.


If patch kb2742597 doesn’t install for you, check to see if your error code is “0x80070643” or “0x643.” If it is, try and see if Microsoft’s Fix It solution would work for you.  If not, try reinstalling .NET 1.1 SP1.  Your mileage may vary, but you knew that; this is what worked for me on my case.

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